On my second trip to Japan I travelled alone and found peace and solitude in Kyoto. I took a walk from Gion to Kiyomizu-dera and found myself happily lost amongst the side streets. A tiny paper shop drew me in with a myriad of patterns and colours and a thought began.

Settings crafted in sterling silver and finished by hand are made to catch real pieces of the beautiful 'chiyogami' printed papers that first caught my imagination under a protective resin.

I left my heart in Kyoto.....

Memory, recollection, reminiscence

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Large sakura blossom with dyed agate Large moon with labradorites Sakura Necklace with Iolite Large moon with agate Small ume blossom with amethyst Fan Bracelet Rings Ume Cufflinks Sakura Studs Raindrop Studs Ume Studs Fan Pendants (large & medium) Ume pendants (large and small) Moon pendants (large & medium) Raindrop pendants (large & small) sakura lightbox nextgen gallery by v5.4m

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